Great Day

2014-06-14 15.26.37Out with the grandkids on Saturday and we had a list of 8 caches we wanted to find. We were looking for caches that were kid friendly and not too difficult, we were not disappointed. It turned out to be perfect day, weather was beautiful and we did not have to fight mosquitoes.

Of the six we found that day three were outstanding and I recommend that everyone take the time to stop and find them,  you will not be disappointed.

Wisconsin Homestead – Emslie Farm
Wisconsin Homestead
Make Do With What You Have Be sure to sign the log at this one

We were so impressed with one of the caches, we even left our first travel bug

Two Milestones

It has been a slow start to the caching season for us, hopefully we will get more free time to reach our 100 cache milestone.

2014-05-15 13.06.29We have finally found our first out of state cache,  Little House in the Pine. It was a quick fine but did give me a scare when a mother Robin in a tree next to where the cache was took flight out of her nest.



Our next miJose Travel Buglestone will be meet this weekend when we place our first travel bug. We are taking our grandsons geocaching this weekend and already have a spot picked out where Jose will be starting his journeys. Here is the story of this travel bug.

Jose joined our family in 1994 in when we visited Epcot Center in Orlando FL. one of the boys bought him and he has since traveled with us on many vacations, Now the boys are grown, the trips are less so Jose is embarking out on his own, looking forward to seeing more of this wonderful country. Be sure to take a picture of Jose’s travels and upload them so his family back in Wisconsin can follow along. Be safe little buddy!


2014-05-03 16.34.07Finally accomplished two things today. First finally did the maintenance on one of our caches GHOST of Picnics Past and once again its ready to go.

But even more exciting we finally had time and decent weather and we were able to get our first find in 2014 Log Cache, for that matter our first one in nearly year. While we were looking for this one we had five white tail deer watching us.

Now that we have one hopefully we are on our way to our 100th find. ‘

Also have four travel bugs that we need to start on their journeys.


Looking For 100

Last year was a bad year for geocaching for us, a new home purchase, a very hot summer we just didn’t get the caching in that we wanted.

Looking forward to this year reaching our 100 cache goal and possible even getting a few out of state finds.

Our adventure will start this Easter weekend as we head out Sunday afternoon on a adventure of a springtime Spirit Quest hunt. We have selected 65 possibilities hopefully we will find 5 to 8 of them as long as the weather cooperates and the grounds are not too wet.

Basic Geocaching Guidelines

011-1024x768Though always evolving, geocaching does follow a few fundamental guidelines. Among them:

  • Do not place caches on private land without permission or in national parks or wilderness areas at all.
  • Do not cross private property without permission to reach a geocache
  • Do not include offensive or inflammatory material in a cache
  • Maintain a “tread softly” and Leave No Trace philosophy.