Last year was a bad year for geocaching for us, a new home purchase, a very hot summer we just didn’t get the caching in that we wanted.

Looking forward to this year reaching our 100 cache goal and possible even getting a few out of state finds.

Our adventure will start this Easter weekend as we head out Sunday afternoon on a adventure of a springtime Spirit Quest hunt. We have selected 65 possibilities hopefully we will find 5 to 8 of them as long as the weather cooperates and the grounds are not too wet.


011-1024x768Though always evolving, geocaching does follow a few fundamental guidelines. Among them:

  • Do not place caches on private land without permission or in national parks or wilderness areas at all.
  • Do not cross private property without permission to reach a geocache
  • Do not include offensive or inflammatory material in a cache
  • Maintain a “tread softly” and¬†Leave No Trace¬†philosophy.

Sadly lost my original site, that is what happens when one does not do proper backups. But I am back and will start fresh with new adventures.